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Guided hiking around Aix-en-Provence and Mont Saint-Victoire,
the Provence immortalized by Paul Cézanne


Walking in the footsteps of Cézanne 

Landmark of the countryside around Aix en ProvenceMont Sainte Victoire has not ceased to inspire painters, before and after Paul Cézanne, the one who has probably the most intensely immortalized the rocky mount. Trying to capture the ever changing contours, he painted more than 80 pictures of the mountain. Along this trail, with your local guide, you too will have the opportunity to admire the different views of Mont Sainte Victoire, like the famous painter used to. 

Walking time : 3 hours
Rating : leisurely (stony ground)

Mont Saint Victoire : Provence’s most emblematic mountain










Impressive limestone mountain, 5 miles east of Aix en Provence, Mont Sainte Victoire is well-known because of its unique shape that has fascinated people for millenia, starting with Paul Cézanne, the world-famous painter. 


Walking from one lake to the other 

Located halfway between the city of Aix-en-Provence and Mont Sainte Victoire, this 3 hour walk allows you to enjoy beautiful views of the lakes Zola and Bimont. From the last one, the hiking route follows the bottom of the beautiful gorges downstream through a mixed vegetation of pinegrove and “garrigue”, this low scrubland so typical of Provence. On your way back, you will be walking with the imposing mountain located about 2 miles east. The lack of shade along the trails makes the hike a perfect one on cool, sunny days of spring, autumn or winter.

Walking time : 3 hours
Rating : moderate (stony ground / steep slopes)

At the foot of Mont Sainte-Victoire

Starting from the surroundings of Le Tholonet, a village about 3 miles east of Aix-en-Provence, this beautiful nature walk gets you first to the Roche Percée. This large rock with a big hole in it, is part of a splendid red clay outcrop. Then, the trail gradually leads you through olive groves and pines to the foot of Mont Sainte-Victoire, brushed into history by Paul Cézanne. From the small mountain refuge, whose name was given after the painter’s one, you will then be walking down with breathtaking views to the south.

Walking time : 4 hours
Rating : leisurely (stony ground)


Hiking to the Croix de Provence

Symbolic peak of Mont Sainte-Victoire, even if not the highest point, the Croix de Provence, a giant metal and stone cross, overlooks Aix-en-Provence and its outskirts, at an altitude of 946 meters. Though it is not long, this hike is a challenging one because of the elevation gain and some rocky and steep sections on the way. But it is pure delight especially when you take time, a Provence walking dream. And, in early spring or in automn, as you reach the crest around sunrise, the emotion is at its peak, and the breakfast snacks you eat up there will surely remain engraved in your memory for a long time.

Walking time : 4 hours
Rating : challenging



Montagne de Régagnas

Along this scenic trail you will be climbing Montagne de Régagnas, a small mountain that offers a great panorama over an underlating area, 15 miles southeast of Aix-en-Provence : all around, incised valleys covered with fruit orchards and vineyards are enclosed by steep rocky hills, that are themselves dominated by the two major ridges of the area : Mont Sainte Victoire and the Sainte Baume mountains. The Ermitage de Saint-Jean du Puy will be one of the spots of the day : occupied by monks between the 5th and 15th centuries, this hermitage overlooks the Arc valley.

Walking time : 5 hours
Rating : challenging (stony ground)

Hiking on the ridge of
Mont Sainte Victoire

On this legendary hike, your walking guide takes you from the bottom of the northern slopes of Mont Sainte Victoire up to the ridge. As you get to it, you find the Priory, built in the 17th c., before reaching the most famous peak of the mountain, the Croix de Provence. As its name tells us, it is topped by a monumental cross made of metal and stone, which is visible 10 miles around. While following the east ridge for 2 hrs, you enjoy a fabulous 360° panorama. You then walk down to the village of Vauvenargues.

Walking time : 6.5 hours
Rating : difficult (stony ground / steep slopes)