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Daily guided hiking on the Mont Ventoux and Montagne de Lure trails
Provence highlands under France’s clearest sky, with a terroir rich in scents and flavours 


Walking the short trail up to the top of
Mont Ventoux, the “Giant of Provence”


This hike to the summit of Mont Ventoux (1,911m) is one of the most beautiful walking route up to the “Giant of Provence”. It is only 3 miles long, but with an elevation gain of 1,730 feet. Starting from the Mont Serein ski resort, around 1,400 m high on the northern slopes, it climbs all the way up, mainly through a mixed forest of pine, fir and beech trees : a real alpine atmosphere. But the last kilometer is very different: you move forward across an endless scree up to the top ridge : a lunar ambiance, this time !


Walking time : 2.5 hours
Rating : challenging (significant elevation gain and scree hiking)



A guided hike up to fantastic viewpoints
over Haute Provence


Starting from a mini ski resort located on the southern side of Montagne de Lure (1,826m) in Haute Provence (Provence highlands), east to Mont Ventoux, this walking route takes you through a mixed beech and fir forest, up to the ridge. From there, the landscape opens up onto the valley on the other side and onto a large number of Alpine summits, on the horizon: from the left to the right, the Vercors, the Ecrins, the Estrop massif and the mountains dominating the Verdon canyon. If lucky, you may enjoy seeing some chamois, these mountain goats that live on the steep and stoney north-facing slopes of the range.


Walking time : 2.5 hours
Rating : moderate


A medieval chapel in Haute Provence


Located in Haute Provence on the southern slopes of Montagne de Lure, the chapel of Notre-Dame de Lure (1,236m) is the remaining part of a 12th century abbey. In front of the church, four majestic trees, three linden and one walnut, have been guarding the place for centuries. To reach this peaceful site from the small town of St-Etienne les Orgues, at the base of the mountain, you will have to climb through different areas of vegetation, some with native shrubs and trees, others with plantations. Just before destination, as the Mediterranean climate influence is tempered by the altitude, you will penetrate the last one, a beech grove, where the ambiance delightfully changes.


Walking time : 3 hours
Rating : challenging (significant elevation gain) 



Hiking an alternate trail up to the “Giant of Provence”


If you enjoy taking in a panoramic view and guessing what are the names of the mountains visible on the horizon, this hike must be for you. But you’d better not choose one of these few days when clouds stay over the summit of Mont Ventoux (1,911m) from morning till evening, nor one day when wind gusts reach 100 mph or more (the Provence record with 200 mph) ! Along this trail you will spend 2 hours following the ridge up to the top, coming upon a mere few trees during the first hour, and only some dwarf junipers during the last one.


Walking time : 4 hours
Rating : challenging




Walking in the footsteps of the
Haute Provence’s writer, Jean Giono 


This guided hike takes place in a part of Provence away from the tourist route. Montagne de Lure, that nourished Giono’s dreams, is made of these uplands “where deserts are really desert lands”, as he wrote ; a limitless stretch of land, an area of shepherds, dry stone walls, barrenness and wind ; a land of uncountable starry nights, where winters are harsh and soils stubborn. From this hike, in addition to the tales about Giono’s works, another key event will probably remain engraved in your memories : the sight of three dry stone sheepfolds on different sites, each one built of half a million stones. Truly a world apart.


Walking time : 6 hours
Rating : challenging



Climbing Montagne de Lure


The ascent of the south face of Montagne de Lure (1826m) from St Etienne Les Orgues, the small town which lies at its foot, offers numerous highlights including the chapel of Notre-Dame de Lure and the vast scenery from the top ridge ! Another interesting feature of the hike is the variety of vegetation types you will walk through : lavender fields and wild thyme moorlands around the village, downy oak woods, black pine groves, a beech forest where firs are more and more numerous as altitude increases, and finally the grasslands of the subalpine zone. One of the significant advantages of this route in the heart of Haute Provence is its coolness, even in hot summer periods. 


Walking time : 5 hours
Rating : challenging (high elevation gain)


 The full ascent of Mont Ventoux


This hike is the great adventure to live in the area if you like long-term physical efforts. You climb the north side of Mont Ventoux, where 90% of the ascent takes place in the middle of forests : first, among oaks and pines, then mostly under beech trees and firs, and in the highest forest zone, under mountains pines. It is only during the last half-hour of your climbing that trees disappear ; you then walk among stones, millions of stones everywhere and can watch an immense panorama when you turn around. After several hours of loneliness and silence, you finally reach the top and meet dozens of cyclists and other excursionists. At last, you have the right to contemplate the southern slopes and foothills of the mountain and to enjoy the view all around.


Walking time : 5 hours
Rating : difficult (very high elevation gain)