Orienteering & other outdoor navigation games


Orienteering is a sport in which competing teams, using a map and compass, must navigate in unfamiliar terrain, passing through the series of control points that have to be followed in a specified order, and reach the finish line in the shortest time possible.

Why choosing orienteering as a team building activity ? What skills does it develop ?
• communication
• collaboration
• decision making
• competition
• leadership

Orienteering can be run in a less competitive and more convivial way, while remaining an exciting game which may be expanded through guess and puzzle and a system of clues.

Get lost ! Another challenging way of testing your team ability to work as a collective force to achieve a common goal is the ‘Get Lost’ game in which you drop the participants off in a remote location, after blindfolding them.


An activity in which
eveybody gets involved


Orienteering : a world
where everyone have fun