Some great running trails


Climbing Mont Sainte Victoire side
and running down the opposite one
Half Day

Symbolic peak of Mont Sainte-Victoire, though not the highest, the Croix de Provence, a giant metal and stone cross, overlooks Aix-en-Provence and its vicinity, rising to 946 meters. You will reach it after climbing the south-facing mountainside. Then, after following the ridge almost one mile, you will jump on the descent trail on the north-facing slope in the direction of Vauvenargues, village which is famous for having been Picasso’s place of residence during his last fifteen years.

Walking/Running time : 3 hours
Rating : challenging (rugged terrain / elevation gain)

Crossing the East of the Calanques massif
Half Day

This half-day route is unrivaled for its land- and seascapes. It is quite a long traverse, from the university campus in Marseille to the charming port town of Cassis : through a protected natural area, Calanques National Park, you will be walking and running 12 miles over stony paths. During this trip, you will enjoy countless breathtaking views, from at least 3 marked levels : the shoreline, the top of the bluffs, and, at midway up, the balcony trail. Within 3.5 hours, you will have the chance to watch all the most spectacular Provence’s calanques pass before your eyes : SormiouMorgiouSugitonEn-VauPort-Pin and Port-Miou.

Walking/Running time : 3.5 hours
Rating : challenging (steep ascents/descents, rock scrambles)

A circular trail from St. Remy de Provence
to Les Baux, with 3 km on the Alpilles ridge

Leaving the medieval streets in St. Remy, you head to an even older quarter featuring 2,000 years old Roman monuments:  Les Antiques and Glanum. Walking and jogging through pines, on back roads and forest tracks, you gently climb to the Alpilles ridge’s trail, reached after a detour to the Rock with two holes, immortalized by Vincent van Gogh. Up there, you enjoy a great scenery all around. Following the main ridge, you gradually approach Les Baux de Provence. Built on a rocky spur, the ruined medieval castle suddenly appear. Once the fief of lords among the most powerful in South of France, this site is something unique. The entrance of the ruined citadel and the few streets in the village are worthwile. The trail back to St. Rémy passes the Alpilles crest at a point further west.

Walking time : 3 hours
Rating : moderate (rugged sections of terrain)

The whole crossing of the calanques
Full Day

This route allows runners to scramble all the way from the Marseille bay to the little port of Cassis. Starting from Les Goudes, you run along the shoreline, passing the tiny cove of Callelongue and four calanques, among which Podestat; once you reached a pass, you run down into Calanque de Sormiou. After a look at its fishing port and cabanons, you attack the uphill slope towards the crags, 700ft higher. From up there, what a terrific view of Sormiou! Later, you descend into Calanque de Morgiou with its pretty hamlet. Once you admired the next calanque, Sugiton, you climb up to a balcony trail, then to a higher one: you stay now, for 2hrs, 1,000ft above the sea, enjoying splendid views. After taking joy in Calanque d’En-Vau‘s fascinating beach, a final ascent leads you to an amazing viewpoint over that hidden gem. During the last hour, you delight in the superb calanques near Cassis: Port-Pin and Port-Miou

Walking/Running time : 6 – 7 hours
Rating : challenging (steep slopes, rock scrambles, elevation gain, length)